The Traveler


It is a sad day for The Traveler team. After seven amazing years of working hard to bring you the best travel journal app on the market, we regret to inform you that we will shut our doors on March 1, 2020.

This decision is painful to make, but Kyle and I are unable to keep up with the demands for support and upgrades to the mobile app and website. The goals we set to grow the business and client base also fell short and we cannot financially support the infrastructure needed to host the millions of miles you have traveled. On a personal note, our life priorities have changed in recent months and we need to spend more time with each of our families. We do love the people we’ve met over the years and we hope the app was a special part of your travels.

Over the next few months, the mobile app will continue to track and capture your travels on both Android and iOS. However, we will not release any further updates to the app stores. In addition, we have discontinued both our companion website ( and Traveler Pass in-app purchasing option, which allowed you backup your trip data and media in our cloud storage. By February, we will contact those travelers who purchased a Traveler Pass with instructions on how to download your paths and media to your personal computer.

Thank you for downloading our app. We hope it was an enjoyable experience. Let us know if you have any questions as we want to make sure all our travelers are attended to. (Email us at

Safe travels and keep exploring!

All the best,

Mark Caravello & Kyle Parker
14Eleven Development