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With The TravelER, you can finally travel nurse in places that best suit your needs, find the best agencies, and connect with other nurses with a click of a button.

Travel & Connect

Although travel nursing offers plenty of benefits such as traveling to other places, potentially higher pay, flexibility between assignments, and a broad set of experiences; travel nurses often have difficulties finding trust worthy advice about where to go, which agency to choose, and who to hang out with!

The TravelER is a comprehensive platform designed by a travel nurse for travel nurses, offering specialized quizzes to help determine which location is best for you and providing agencies and helpful hints for which ones to consider. Being able to upload all of your certifications in one space also helps you to stay prepared for your next assignment.

Once you are on your dream assignment, The TravelER helps you connect with other nearby nurses and become a part of The Travel nurse community.

How Does It Work?

  • Create an account so you can take our specialized quiz that has researched results for travel cities based on your specific interest.

  • Choose your favorite agencies that you would like to be submitted to.

    Join our TravelER community and share experiences or network with other nurses nearby!

    Download the app to take your personalized Quiz, and start connecting with other nurses and agencies today!

The TravelER- It’s a Lifestyle.

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Finding nurses to keep hospitals staffed is a challenge. But it doesn't have to be.

The TravelER App Features

Designed for Travel Nurses

The TravelER app was created by travel nurses, and specifically designed with your personal needs in mind! Find the perfect location or agency.

Reliable Info

10 years of travel nursing knowledge and experience to help pave the way for you. We give you the smoothest ride possible on your travel nurse journey.


We believe in work-life balance, so we created a comprehensive platform that helps you find the location you want & your preferred agency.

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